Tool Gallery

Home blank for beaker dagger produced by John Sharp on a workshop  New ornamental flushwork on the church porch at Gt Witchingham  A sample of random knapped flint for architectural use Tools made from bone & antler

Antler-Fish hook-Wrist guard-Harpoons-Needles Neolithic axe-head refit Arrows with hazel quiver
Hafted blade-segment tool Retouched blade Fox bone awls
Neolithic hafted axes, axe-heads and handaxe Needle manufacture assemblage Antler harpoon points & red deer bone points
Hafted crescent sickle and blade knife Assortment of arrows - Mesolithic to Bronze-AgePolished greenstone axe
Examples of arrow fletching Bronze-Age barbed & tanged arrow-headFlint dagger
Flint engraving on basalt Flint engraving on mammoth tusk Flint engraving on quartzite
Replica Amesbury archer's arrowheads - Made for the Salisbury Museum's exhibition Microlith - freshly removed from blade-core Left - replica: Right - Cast of the 750,000 year old East coast handaxe
Re-fitting blade core assemblage - Made for Harlow Museum Close up of a hafted, flaked flint axe Handaxe roughout re-fit
Adze, made for new Museum at Cheddar Gorge Harpoon, made for new Museum at Cheddar Gorge Beaker dagger, made for new Museum at Cheddar Gorge
Scrapers, burin, beaker dagger, antler fish-hook, composite sickle, hafted adze & axe - made for the Radnorshire Museum - Powys A beautiful ovate handaxe, made entirely with hard-hammer by Matt Porter during a three to one workshop A hafted Mezolithic pick

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